Welcome to Qodux Support Tickets! Please read before posting !!!

Thank you for registering to my support system. Before going further, please read the following terms:

No 1. Please VERIFY YOUR PURCHASE CODE before opening any ticket. If you don't know how, check out the screenshot from the link!

No 2. Please OPEN A PUBLIC TICKET if you don't have any sensitive information in it. Doing this you'll also help others with your question.

No 3. Support is offered only for BUGS AND SMALL TIPS and NOT for third party plugins, theme setup (installation) or theme customisations.
If you see a bug or are curious about a really simple style tweak i will do my best to answer your query, but please note that themes are purchased AS IT IS, and anything which isn't advertised as possible, is considered a custom request (theme customisation). Theme Customisation means modifying the appearance or functionality of the theme beyond what the theme options provide or the demo shows. However, I can provide you small tips and advices, but if your requests are coming one after the other and you don't have the slightest clue of what CSS or HTML is, you should definitely consider rule #4.

No 4. Theme Customisation. For everything which is not covered by the rule above, please hire a freelancer from Envato Studio or your own source. I am not available for freelance work, so please don't ask. These kind of tickets will be politely closed.

No 5. Support is offered Monday through Friday from the GMT timezone, but please allow up to 24-48hrs for your ticket to get reviewed & responded to. This depends on the number of requests in queue. Support requests sent during weekends or our holidays will be processed on Monday or the next business day.

No 6. Before asking for support, make sure that you:

  • READ THE DOCUMENTATION !! One out of two times issues arise because users do not read instructions. I have spent time to write clear instructions on how to use my themes, so please read them. You'll find a QUICK SETUP section there. If you read and follow just a few steps from QUICK SETUP section, you shouldn't have any problems.
    So again, make sure twice you followed all the steps from QUICK SETUP section and you didn't missed not a single step !! If you do not follow QUICK SETUP steps, i will simply ask you to do so and you will be delayed, most tickets are easily solved if you follow the steps, so save some time and work with it!
  • SEE THE FAQS !! Read what others already asked
  • SEARCH THROUGH TICKETS !! Before sending the ticket, try to spend 5mins to search through tickets already opened. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can now open a support ticket. Post as much info as you can: links and screenshots are always welcomed! If you don't provide any, i might ask, so if you're in a different timezone than me, you're just loosing your time.

No 7. Please be POLITE !! I'm trying to do my best in order to make everyone happy! Beeing POLITE it's very important for me. If you're not polite, it means that you're not appreciating my hard work and you won't get any help.

Best Regards,