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XLander Demo Installation


  • Michael started the conversation

    1) I installed the demo content for xLander according to the instructions in your documentation and it looks completely horrible.!!!! Looks nothing like the demo you show on ThemeForest!!!

    See 2 screenshots attached.

    2) And once again, notice the default site logo says this is the "Crossway" theme!!!  There appears to be some major issues here with this theme.

    3) I assumed when I installed the "demo" content it should look 100% like the "xLander on Themeforest" pic that I attached

    4) I want to be able to give this theme a 5 star review, but so far after only 10 minutes of using this theme, I'm very disappointed.  Please help me resolve these issues a.s.a.p.

    Thanks so much.

    Attached files:  XLander on on my site.png
      XLander on Themeforest.png

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    Qodux replied


    Did you had crossway theme before on your website?  give me WP access and I ill help you with the installation. 

    xLander comes with a super easy method to import the Demo Content. Go to Unyson and activate "Backup & Demo Content"

    You can read about demo in the documentation: Importing a Demo Content area