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Xlander/Wordpress preview page BUG???


  • Michael started the conversation

    I'm changing the home page. I make a change and when I click "preview" page, the page shows up. I see my changes but the home page layout I chose is not showing.  It shows a different home page layout.

    See attached pics.  

    Instead of showing pic #1 (the home page layout I have selected), when I click preview page in Wordpress it shows pic #2 where the font format is NOT correct AND a newletter signup form appears AND all the other content going down the rest of the page is all missing.  Nothing else appears on the page under the newsletter signup up form.

    This is all wrong and strange behavior.  When I click "preview" everything should like the same as it did on the page I was editing.

    Please help!

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      pic 2.png

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    Qodux replied


    The homepage is like a blog page. 

    The homepage has a different style and you can't see the changes with preview button. You'll need to save the changes.

    For the one page version, the content on the homepage it's added from the pages you have in Appearance -> Menus and you can control what content you need on homepage by adding / deleting or reorder pages in Appearance -> Menus.

    I can't see the first attached image