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Lune Footer not working
  • Leo Farache replied

    It works now.

    Thank you very much! Great and very helpful assistance!


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    Qodux replied


    I don't know why, bur your blog section overlay color is over the footer.

    Add in Whoathemes -> General -> Custom CSS:

    .wt-row-container.wt-background { position: relative; }



  • Leo Farache started the conversation


    While customising the Lune theme for Wordpress the footer suddenly dissapeared. I tried to re-stablish it without success following the next route:

    - Menu --> new menu --> I called it "footer" composed by the elements I considered.


    - Appearance --> Widgets --> choose personalized menu. Then I move it to
    “footer top area”, now choose the menu I just created previously and
    nothing happens.

    I also checked if in Qodux-->Footer was ON and in fact it was. Even more, doesn't matter if it's ON or OFF, the area is displayed and in both cases is just a blanket space.

    I do not know what else can I do.

    Waiting for you answer,