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Colors of Tabs hover and Accordion icons


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    Martin started the conversation

    Hello there, 

    great theme, installation was very smooth. The only problem i have so far is how to change the yellow color #ffc400 to my custom color #98bf18 in the "Tabs" on hover and the icons in the "Accordion". I guess it can be done with custom css, could you provide the correct code for this? Thanks a lot in advance.

    Kind regrads,

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    Qodux replied

    Hi and thanks for reporting me this issue.

    I've changed the accordions and tabs some time ago because Visual Composer created a new version for them and I forgot to add the code for Custom skin too. 

    You can add in Whoathemes -> General -> Custom CSS:

    .wpb_content_element.wt_vcsc_style .wpb_tabs_nav li.ui-tabs-active a, 
    .wpb_content_element.wt_vcsc_style .wpb_tabs_nav li.ui-tabs-active:hover a, 
    .wpb_content_element.wt_vcsc_style .wpb_tabs_nav li.ui-tabs-active:focus a, 
    .wt_vcsc_style.vc_tta-color-grey.vc_tta-style-classic .vc_tta-tab.vc_active>a,
    .wpb_accordion .wpb_accordion_wrapper .wpb_accordion_header a:before, 
    .wt_vcsc_style.vc_tta.vc_general .vc_tta-panel-title>a:before {
    color: #98bf18; }

    or replace the attached file in wp-content/themes/xlander/framework/functions and after go to Whoathemes -> General and clik Save changes button again.

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    Martin replied

    Hello, thanks a whole lot, it's working fine! I used the attached skin.php, i think you forgot to delete some code in the file (look at the first few rows) but it's working anyways, Thanks a lot!